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This is a blog of my experience as a Peace Corps volunteer, working in South Africa. My job title is a capacity builder, which means I help increase the effectiveness of a local NGO that does AIDS/HIV related work.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Quick Update

Just a quick update on life here:

  • I had first communion at the Methodist church in my little village (a new experience for me). I always thought the transubstantiation was just a Catholic thing, but I guess not. It was the second time I have gone to the Methodist church here that my host mother attends (and is quite dedicated to, she signs and wears the uniform that essentially looks like a red and white sailor uniform). Upon arriving, I learned that the preacher from a nearby city comes once a quarter to give out communion. So he gave a sermon, which was translated to English by one of the other men in the church, simply for my benefit. And best of all, he interrupted the sermon halfway through, just to chat with me, ask where I am from, what I am doing here and how I like Mathabatha. At the end of the sermon, we went forward and were given tiny little shot glasses with the blood of Jesus (it tastes surprisingly like red grapetizer, a sparkling grape juice that is quite popular here, very delicious) and a little cracker (tasted like cardboard, kind of a let down). But luckily we were given seconds on the blood, because there were more shot glasses than people at church that day. And to top the day off, there was a meal afterwards, and one of the church leaders told me to stay for, even though it was just the church leaders eating.
  • Three nights ago, I found out that my room, in addition to millipedes, has centipedes. Or at least it had one, until I promptly removed it from the premises.
  • For the holidays, I am planning a trip down to Durban. I am going to spend Christmas on the beach, in the summer. Crazy! But it will be nice to meet up with a lot of the other Peace Corps volunteers.

Hope everyone is doing well and happy Thanksgiving (in two days)!


At November 23, 2007 10:39 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Nathan,

Happy Thanksgiving! We were so happy to read about your experiences. We are sitting here in a VERY cold Boston dreaming of spending the warm holidays with you in South Africa. Mary, Anne, and I just had an Asian inspired lunch in Wellesley, a gothic New England campus that is worlds apart from your town.

Now that we all know your blog address we will be watching for more updates! Please tell us if you need anything,


Mary, Anne and Travis
Weston, Mass


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