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This is a blog of my experience as a Peace Corps volunteer, working in South Africa. My job title is a capacity builder, which means I help increase the effectiveness of a local NGO that does AIDS/HIV related work.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Photos from Site

So I am well on my way to having my own internet access. I have at least gotten online at this point, and will eventually buy the little device I need so that I do not have to borrow one from my organization. But I did manage to post seven photos of my site.

This last weekend, I attended a ceremony celebrating the girls who completed initiation school. It was a week long program, where they camp out, sing songs and do other secret activities. Two of the photos are from that event, where there were about 450 girls wearing traditional outfits. Keep in mind that the event started at 7AM on a rainy Sunday, so a number of the girls were shivering. The poverty/wealth dichotomy was well represented, as some of the initiates were clearly underfed and otherwise unhealthy, while others were picked up in BMW SUVs.

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At October 7, 2007 7:28 AM , Anonymous Claire said...

hey nathan it's claire. tom sent me the link to your blog, and i've only had time to read this most previous entry and skim the others. i am without internet access at my apartment as my computer crashed over the summer and i adopted an old dell from the office, which doesn't come with built-in internet, and i've been too busy to pick up a wireless card. it sounds very interesting in terms of your experiences thus far, and i know that this whole trip is going to be life-changing for you (or at least i can assume such). i am so excited for you! you inspired me to look into the peace corps after i graduate as well. it's funny how things have turned out: i am following in your footsteps in terms of major and perhaps what i will be doing after college for a few years.
i miss you very much, and just wanted you to know that i think of you often and hope you are doing well in south africa making the world a better place for all of us.
keep on truckin!! mwah.


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